front page posts?

2010-02-28 10:07:38 by mofongo9

does anybody know how you get to do front page posts?

Copy Cat is released!

2009-11-17 15:15:47 by mofongo9

It's been many months since I first came up with the idea for Copy Cat in February, but it is finally out sponsored by Candystand! I am very excited and pleased with how it came out -- let me know how you like it!


Also if you're interested you can check out this interview I did with Candystand about the game: opy-cat-developer-adam-abeshouse-635.h tml

You can also buy the game for iPhone here:

Monkey Wizard!

2009-01-07 20:24:12 by mofongo9

After more than a year of hard work (I started this project in April of '07 and finished it this past November), I have finally released Monkey Wizard! I hope you guys like it--I know I really enjoyed making it (for the most part). Tell me what you think!

Monkey Wizard!